Aunty A’s  Christmas Tree Quiz 2017.

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This quiz is based (very loosely!) on Christmas and trees

Part One: / 10   1. Identify the Christmas carol/song which includes these lines:
  a) “Of all the trees that are in the wood, the holly bears the crown”  “The holly and the ivy”
  b) “Bring me flesh and bring me wine, bring me pine-logs hither”    “Good King Wenceslas”
  c) “When the treetops glisten, and children listen to hear sleighbells in the snow”   “White Christmas”
 2. What is the English name for the German carol “O Tannenbaum”?   “O Christmas tree”
 3. Fill in the name of the tree/shrub/bush which is missing in these lines from well-known Christmas carols/songs:
  a) “Deck the halls with boughs of  holly, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la”
  b) “The first Nowell the angels did say”
  c) “On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me a partridge in a pear-tree”
  d) “Christmas time, mistletoe and wine”         e) “Rockin’ around the Christmas tree”

CHRISTMAS CRACKERS 1: Match the answers from below to the jokes (just write in the matching letter).  
 Some of the jokes were sent in by you for the 2014 Christmas Quiz tie-break; others have been “recycled”!
  1. Why are Christmas trees so bad at sewing?   c          2. What do reindeer hang on their Christmas trees?  a
  3. What is a Christmas tree’s favourite sports-car?  d       4. Why did the hamster climb up the Christmas tree?   b
  a) Horn-aments  b) Because he wanted to be the furry at the top   c) Because they always drop their needles   d) A Fir-rari

Part Two: / 8 The holly and the ivy  
 1. Which HOLLY a) was played by Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”?   Holly Golightly
  b) presents “This Morning” with Phillip Schofield?   Holly Willoughby
  c) sang about “Peggy Sue”? Buddy Holly       d) is a Channel 4 soap opera, set near Chester?  “Hollyoaks”
  e) is going to Channel 4 with “The Great British Bake-Off”?   Paul Hollywood
 2. Which IVY a) was Lynne Perrie’s character in “Coronation Street”?  Ivy Tilsley/Brennan
  b) includes Brown, Cornell, Harvard, and Yale?  Ivy League       c) may bring you out in a rash?  Poison Ivy

CHRISTMAS CRACKERS 2: 1. What do you call a conker with a sore throat?   c     2. What sport do trees like playing? d
 3. Which tree presented “Strictly Come Dancing”?  a                       4. Which tree was a Scottish king?  b
   a) Spruce Forsyth       b) Robert the Spruce      c) A hoarse chestnut    d) Beech volleyball
Part Three: / 10 1) Unjumble these anagrams to identify Christmas tree decorations: a) USE LAB “B”  BAUBLES
  b) A GLEN   ANGEL    c) RATS      STAR        d) LISTEN    TINSEL        e) LATE MAT    LAMETTA
  f) “L” DANCES       CANDLES         g) RIG IT FLASHY (5,6)        FAIRY LIGHTS
 2) Unjumble these anagrams to identify different kinds of coniferous trees:  a) PET’S COINS (5,4)  SCOTS PINE
  b) FROG LAID US (7,3)      DOUGLAS FIR        c) YES, WARN OUR P.C. (6,6)   NORWAY SPRUCE

Part Four: Tree-mendous questions / 16
 1. Which OAK a) was a shepherd in “Far from the Madding Crowd”?  Gabriel Oak
  b) is a popular pub name, remembering the hiding-place of the future King Charles II ?   The Royal Oak
  c) was the fictional village location of ITV’s Crossroads Motel?   King’s Oak
  d) was a star of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show ( and was told to “get your gun”)?   Annie Oakley
 2. Which ASH a) played Deborah Burton in “Men Behaving Badly”?  Leslie Ash
  b) is the day after Shrove Tuesday?  Ash Wednesday    c) won Wimbledon in 1975?   Arthur Ashe
 3. Which ROWAN a) was the 104th Archbishop of Canterbury?  Rowan Williams   b) plays  Mr.Bean ? Rowan Atkinson
 4. Which HAZEL a) presents the World Snooker Championships, and other sports, on BBC TV?  Hazel Irvine
  b) sang “Eighth Day” in 1980?  Hazel O’Connor        c) helps to heal bruises?  witch-hazel
 5. Which ELM- a) is a red “Sesame Street” monster, now in the “Furchester Hotel”?  Elmo
  b) was Burt Lancaster’s Oscar-winning film title rôle in 1960?   Elmer Gantry
 6. a) In which operetta does Ko-Ko sing “Titwillow”?   “The Mikado”
  b) Who wrote “The Wind in the Willows”?   Kenneth Grahame

CHRISTMAS CRACKERS 3: 1.Where do shrubs keep their money? b   2.What do you call someone who searches hedges?  c
 3. Why was there a Christmas wreath at the NatWest?  d        4. What do you call a Golden Delicious on a Christmas tree?   a
 a) A pine-apple   b) In hedge funds    c) A privet investigator    d) Because it was a bank holly-day
Part Five: / 23  You can’t see the wood for the trees…
 1. Which WOOD  a) is a historian, who went “In Search of the Trojan War” on TV?  Michael Wood
  b) created “Acorn Antiques”?  Victoria Wood  c) played Maria in “West Side Story” (1961 film)?  Natalie Wood
  d) did The Beatles sing about? Norwegian Wood    e) is “A Play for Voices” by Dylan Thomas? “Under Milk Wood”
 Part Five (continued) 2. Complete these titles: a) “The Magic Faraway Tree”  (Enid Blyton)
  b) “The Singing Ringing Tree”  (1957 East German children’s film, shown by the BBC as a series)
  c) “Under the Greenwood Tree”  (Thomas Hardy)
 3. Identify the tree-related word which links the following,  e.g. family, mug, and surgeon: tree (family tree, mug tree,     and tree surgeon).  You only need to give the link word/name.  
  a) line, bank, and Special          branch            b) arrow, vegetable, and hair    root
  c) road, call, and elephant’s    trunk            d) fly, mould, and tea        leaf*
  e) work, match, and knitting    needle            f) off, traffic, and ice-cream    cone
  g) straw, Mary, and Chuck    berry            h) George, Kate, and Shepherd’s    bush
* many entries gave “green” as the link word; this was accepted, but the most appropriate answer is leaf: (fly-leaf, leaf-mould, and tea-leaf). This therefore became a tie-break criterion
 4. Which FOR(R)EST a) was home to Robin Hood and his Merry Men?   Sherwood Forest
  b) won football’s European Cup in 1979 and 1980?        Nottingham Forest
  c) won an Oscar for his 2006 rôle in “The Last King of Scotland”?   Forest Whitaker
  d) was a 1994 film, with Oscar-winning Tom Hanks in the title rôle?   “Forrest Gump”        
  e) is in Gloucestershire, between the Rivers Wye and Severn?   the Forest of Dean
  f) is a National Park in Hampshire?  the New Forest   g) links a popular gateau and a musical walk?  Black Forest
Part Six: / 10  Here are cryptic clues to British and Irish places which include the name of a tree,
e.g.  Cinder crossing in Kent (7) Ashford    a) Len’s favourite score of trees in Kent (9)   Sevenoaks
 b) What’s left of a burnt hill in Wales (8,3)   Mountain Ash       c) Royal tree’s value in Yorkshire (8)  Oakworth
 d) Canadian tree with cathedral city in Oxfordshire (11)  Mapledurham
 e) Cry of pain in shopping centre in the Republic of Ireland? (6)  Mallow
 f) Order Mr.Atkinson to combust in Dumfries & Galloway (9)   Rowanburn
 g) Swiss tree’s river crossing in Essex (10) Chelmsford    h) Shred a lot mixed in Hampshire (9)  Aldershot
 i) Weight of cinders below a row, we hear, near Manchester (6-5-4)   Ashton-under-Lyne
 j) Sir Isaac with the French weeping trees near St.Helens (6-2-7)  Newton-le-Willows

 Part Seven: The pantomime! / 22 To complete this story, fill in the missing letters: they are all parts of words which feature the name of a tree, or the letters “-tree-“,  e.g. B ashf u l  and the dwarves were wholly taken aback to find Snow White asleep.     You should find  22 different words.  (Some alternatives were accepted, provided the words had the correct number of letters. N.B. one word could not be used twice - e.g. there could only be one “flash”).

  “Aladdin, I’m ashamed of you!” scolded Widow Twankey, as her son splashed water over his brother Wishee- Washee, who was hard at work in the laundry,  stoking the fire to keep the water boiling and putting the clothes in to soak.  Aladdin rushed outside onto the  street, and had not gone far when suddenly he felt his spine tingle: there was something special about the girl walking towards him, her long eye-lashes fluttering…  it was love at first sight.  But Aladdin’s hopes were soon dashed when the Emperor appeared, looking for his daughter Jasmine (for it was none other than she!).  Aladdin trudged sadly home, to be greeted by his mother and a stranger. “This is your Uncle Abanazar, come to offer you a job.”  Eager to earn enough  cash to persuade the Emperor to let him marry Jasmine, Aladdin accepted, and after a long journey through the desert, they arrived at a cave. “Open Sesame!”, cried Abanazar.  There was a crash of thunder, and the rock blocking the cave entrance rolled away.  Sending Aladdin inside, Abanazar asked: “Can you see a lamp?” “Yes,” confirmed Aladdin, “I’ll just rub it to light my way out.”  “No!”, cried Abanazar, gnashing his teeth, but it was too late.  With a  flash of light, the Genie of the Lamp appeared, saying “Your wish is my command, Master.”  And so it was that Aladdin returned to Peking, rich enough to have a palace, marry Princess Jasmine, and dress all his family in the latest  fashions.  He granted the Genie his freedom, and the grateful Genie gave him a magic ring.
  But Abanazar, disguised in an old cloak, visited Widow Twankey,.  “New lamps for old,” he croaked, and she handed over the magic lamp.  “Haha!” cackled Abanazar, commanding the Genie to take Jasmine and the palace to the desert, “I’ll  thrash that Aladdin, squash him like a beetle, and  smash him to smithereens.”  But Aladdin rubbed the magic ring and wished for a happy ending, and so it was that they overwhelmed Abanazar, rescued Jasmine, recovered the lamp, freed the Genie (again), and lived happily ever after.  The End.



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